Lil Sluggers was developed and launched in May 2004 at a baseball facility in Long Island, NY. Originally designed to prepare children for Little League the program became so popular that the curriculum was expanded to serve 2-6 year olds and rolled out year round. Licensing began in 2007 and is now offered at 32 locations in the USA and one in Canada. Hamilton joined as the first international location in January 2013.


Hamilton Indoor Sports owns and operates Soccer World, a 44,000 sq ft indoor facility located in Hamilton, Ontario. In addition to running Lil Sluggers baseball programs, Hamilton Indoor operates Lil' Strikers 'soccer for kids' (the Lil' Kickers' international brand), Micro 4v4 League Soccer, Passing League Flag Football as well as other youth and adult leagues. Hamilton Indoor is registered with the Ontario Soccer Association and has been in operation since 1989.


Lil Sluggers is a "learn to throw, catch, hit and run bases" development program for children. It is designed to help 2-6 year olds to learn the basics of baseball and prepare them to play successfully in organized leagues through the use of non-competitive and fun games. By engaging the children, we teach new skills, develop motor skills and enhance physical fitness while fostering an attitude of accomplishment and positive self-esteem.

Our mission is "to deliver great child development programs that delight children, and benefit parents, coaches and the local community."

Lil Sluggers

Why Lil Sluggers?

Lil Sluggers is a high energy foundational T-ball program designed to introduce children ages 2-6 to the game of baseball. Our experienced coaches teach throwing, fielding, hitting and base running through age-appropriate drills and games in a fun, exciting and positive environment that leaves children with a love of the game. Lil Sluggers classes are created by child development experts where everyone has a ball in hand, the energy level is infectious and there is a smile on every face.