coed outdoor rules

11v11 Soccer Game Rules

Rules for 11v11 outdoor COED soccer follow FIFA Laws of the Game with the following exceptions:

Players and Rosters

  • All players must be registered prior to playing. A registered player has:
    • a signed liability waiver on file,
    • a photo (head shot) on file, and
    • no outstanding fines or fees.
  • A full team is 11 players (10+GK) including a minimum of 3 female players on the field. Teams playing with less females play short (9+GK if only 2 females, 8+GK if only 1 female). A forfeit occurs when a team cannot field at least 6 players and a goalie and the result is recorded as 3-0 loss.
  • Teams may have up to twenty-five (25) registered players on the roster.
  • Players may be added to the roster up to game eight (8), and players may be removed from the roster so long as they have no outstanding suspensions or fees/fines due.


  • Unlimited substitutions on kick-off, throw-ins (piggy back allowed) and goal kicks.

game duration

  • League games are 2x45 minutes with a five (5) minute half time.

slide tackling

No slide tackling.

Penalties & Discipline

Illegal players
  • Team is fined $150 for playing with a non-rostered player.
  • Team is fined an additional $100 if the non-rostered player is also not registered (no waiver and/or no photo and/or outstanding fines or fees) player.
  • Teams not fielding enough players within 5 minutes of scheduled kick-out are fined $100.
  • If players arrive and game starts 5+ minutes late, the offending team is penalised by starting with a score of 0 -1.
  • If players arrive and game starts 10+ minutes late, the offending team is penalised by starting with a score of 0 -2.  
  • if game does not start within 15 minutes, the game is a forfeit and recorded as 3-0 loss.
Yellow Cards
  • 3 accumulated yellow cards convert to one (1) red card.
  • 3 accumulated yellow cards penalty is $100 fine and one game suspension.
Red Cards
  • Players shown a Red Card are assessed penalties according to the OSA player discipline table and fines.
  • 1st Red Card fine is $100 and minimum one (1) game.
  • 2nd Red Card fine is $150 and minimum one (1) game.
  • 3rd Red Card fine is $300 and minimum three (3) games.
  • Tournament Red Cards are an automatic $100 fine and the player misses the next game.
  • Second sliding tackle is an automatic Red Card offence. Going to the ground with no player within 3m is not a slide tackle. Goalie sliding inside box is not a slide tackle. 
  • Fighting will result in Red Card penalties with a minimum three (3) game suspension.
  • Leaving the bench to join a fight will result in a player fine of $300 and three (3) game suspension.
  • Fines must be paid before returning to play.


  • Default and no-show games are recorded as 3-0
  • Tournament defaults are recorded as 3-0


  1. points where win = 3, tie = 1 and loss = 0
  2. goal differential
  3. number of wins
  4. total goals scored
  5. coin toss​