Waivers are required for any participation and may be completed as part of the online registration process. Copies are available at the facility or downloaded. Translations are acceptable with the appropriate English copy attached.

Game Rules

Policies & rules

At Soccer World, we make an effort to ensure that everyone is safe, follows the rules of play, and is treated with respect. Please read the appropriate documents and complete the required liability waiver prior to participation.

Fine Print


The Codes of Conduct establish a clear set of guidelines for the player, coach and parent/guardian. Its primary goal is to help ensure that participation in sport is a fun, positive and enjoyable experience.

The Codes of Conduct is based on the concept of fair play, defined by five basic principles.

  • Respect for the rules
  • Respect for the game officials and their decisions
  • Respect for all participants, including team mates, coaches and opponents
  • Equal participation (at all youth levels)
  • Maintaining self control at all times

​Players, coaches and parents should be familiar with and follow the codes of conduct at all times.

Codes of conduct

  1. Treat team mates, coaches, opponents and officials with respect and dignity at all times
  2. Be a good sport, play fair and rise above poor behaviour
  3. Learn the rules and play by them
  4. Respect officials and accept their decisions
  5. Play hard, but keep winning and losing in perspective
  6. Wait 24 hours before pursuing a grievance


Infractions that occur during games are governed by published Rules of the Game and will be decided by the official (s)

Zero Tolerance Policy

  1. All facility users must complete an online or manual liability waiver
  2. Violent behaviour will not be tolerated and result in immediate suspension and fines. Actions perpetuated by an individual on a team may result in penalties and damages assigned equally to all members of that team.
  3. No spitting, eating sunflower seeds or chewing gum on the turf surface.

Rental Contracts

  1. Rental contact is responsible for liability insurance and any damage while in the facility
  2. Rental contracts (fields, parties, etc.) are non-refundable. however rentals may be cancelled for full refund (less deposit) up to one week prior to rental date.
  3. no product sales during a rental without prior written consent of management