First Come, first Served

  • Golfers are expected to complete each bucket within 30 minutes
  • One bucket = one mat
  • Golfers are assigned mats on a first come, first served basis
  • Golf Professionals may reserve mats for lessons with 24 hours notice

Range Prices

Bucket Cards

Buckets cards are non-refundable and are valid through the season expiring on December 31st of the following season.


  • Coupons valid with purchase of $10 buckets only.
  • Special offers are not combinable with bucket cards.

Golf Membership

  • on-site club storage
  • 3 buckets per day
  • $600

Rates & Memberships

Large buckets (70-75 balls)

Buckets & Cards
          1 bucket$10 (incl HST)
          5 bucket card$45 (incl HST)
          10 bucket card$85 (incl HST)
          membership$600 (incl HST)