Rules for U12 House League Soccer follows Indoor Soccer Rules.

U12 - tuesdays

U12 House League soccer

U12 House League Soccer is a transitional league between the small-sided leagues and the full field indoor soccer game. Using staff coaches, the U12 program incorporates a weekly practice prior to each game. Coaches emphasize the purpose of drills in game situations and encourage play from the sidelines. Referees are encouraged to communicate and explain their calls to players so as to teach as well as moderate game play. Fair and equal playing time is key and everyone plays all positions, including goalie.

For naturally competitive players, U12 allows them to practice their skills under pressure. For players new to the game and developing their skills, they improve because everyone touches the ball and gets a chance in game play. This program successfully mixes boys and girls and leapfrogs all players to the next level - all this while also having fun!


  • Tuesdays

  • 5:30pm, 6:30pm or 7:30pm

  • practice + game (2x20min)

  • staff coaches

  • 7v7 (6+GK) format

  • team jersey & photo

  • individual awards

  • Fair & Equal playing time

  • individual entry



September 26 - December 12


January 9 - March 6

Spring League (2018)

March 20 - May 15


  • $190+tax (Fall) $160+tax (Winter, Spring)
  • $20 annual membership
  • One reciprocal friend request
  • Cancelled on HWDSB "snow days", no make-ups


U12 House League Soccer is a competitive program in which we strive for player growth. Coaches know the rules and skills associated with the game and are expected to play everyone equally and coach their team to victory. Coaching goals are; positioning, spatial awareness & team work.