Sep 29 - Dec 15 (except Oct 6) 


Jan 12 - March 9

Spring League (2018)

Mar 23 - May 18 (except March 30)


  • $190+tax (Fall), $160+tax (Winter, Spring)
  • $20 annual membership
  • one reciprocal friend request
  • Cancelled on HWDSB "snow days", no make-ups


U7 & U9 House League Soccer is a competitive program in which we strive for player growth. Coaches know the rules and skills associated with the game and are expected to coach their team to victory.

Coaching goals are;

  • ​square positioning; two strikers, two defenders
  • spatial awareness; spread out
  • team work; open/available to receive, pass and go
  • smart play; receive - look-up - pass, pass backwards


U7 & U9 House League soccer

U7 & U9 House League Soccer is a high-energy development league for players of any ability that teaches individual soccer skills with particular emphasis on player positioning and game strategy. The weekly program includes a structured practice and two games. Teams include a mix of boys and girls who work with the same coach throughout the season culminating in a fun championship final. U7 & U9 uses a 4v4 format to maximize ball touches. It is always competitive, exciting and loud!

For naturally competitive players, U7 & U9 keeps a ball at their feet and improves their skills while for the timid child who played outdoors and received minimal instruction, the program has proven to convert dandelion pickers into soccer diehards. Staff coaches mean all players receive instruction and progress thru the season. The energy level is infectious and guaranteed to put a smile on every face.


  • once-a-week

  • practice + 2 games

  • staff coaches

  • 4v4 (no goalie) format

  • quarter field

  • team jersey & photo

  • individual awards

  • Fair & Equal playing time



  • Fridays at 6:30pm
  • Must be 6 -7 years at first (5yrs with permission)


  • Fridays at 7:30pm
  • 8-9 years at first game (7yrs with permission)


Rules for U7 & U9 House League Soccer follows indoor soccer rules with the following exceptions:

  1. Field is approximately 100 feet long and 50 feet wide.
  2. Two six (6) foot pop-up nets are placed six (6) feet apart centered on each goal line.
  3. Ball for U7 is a large tennis-style ball. Ball for U9 is a weighted Futsal ball.
  4. Game is "choreographed" with sound track guiding play, substitutions and breaks. 
  5. Four players plus a coach on the field per team. No goalie.
  6. Coaches actively coach their team and referee.
  7. Substitutions at mid-point in half.
  8. Running shoes or cleats required. Shin pads recommended.
  9. Goal is scored if the ball enters the net from within the attacking third of the field.
  10. Goal kicks are taken from a field marker placed six (6) feet from the goal line between the goals.
  11. Players must retreat to their half after scoring and for goal kicks.
  12. Ball is out of play if it has wholly crossed the line or exited the field of play. Ball is returned to play with a kick-in and must be returned to play within 6 seconds or face loss of possession.
  13. All kicks are indirect.
  14. No offsides.
  15. Mercy Rule - if a team is up by 5 or more goals that team must complete at least 4 consecutive passes before a goal counts.
  16. Fouls include; hand ball, pushing, shoulder checking, charging, holding, slide tackling, kicking the ankles and tripping. Penalty is an indirect kick from where the foul occurred. Defensive hand ball in front of the goal (stopping an obvious goal scoring opportunity) results in a penalty kick.
  17. Penalty kick is taken from the centre of the field without obstruction of the opposing team.
  18. Games may end with a win, loss or tie. Standings are recorded and quarter, semi and finals require a winner.
  19. Tie Breaking is best of three (3) penalty kicks, followed by alternating kicks until a winner is determined. All players must kick before any player can kick twice.